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Rosacea Treatments Cures for Redness Factors

Successfull Methods Used For Treating Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin disease which left untreated may get worse and lead to complications such as telangiectasia and rhinophyma. In addition to this people who notice unusual symptoms which might be rosacea should see a dermatologist as early as possible. By asking medical help in a short time, the disease can be easily controlled and treated with an adequate treatment.

sulphur cream and rosacea

Thirdly, Glycolic acid may be an effective treatment for healing rosacea and it can be found as Glycolic acid peels and Glycolic acid washes and creams. Moreover for the serious cases of rosacea, specialist usually prescriebe a certain medicine called Isotretinoin, a strong medication which even though helps in diminishing nodular rosacea and other skin infections, it can cause severe side effects. Rosacea is a disease that can easily affect the eyes too. A home remedy which brings great results includes cleaning the eyelids with diluted baby shampoo. However, for the eyes infections caused by rosacea are usually used treatments with antibiotics like Doxycycline, Minocycline and Tetracycline.

Moreover, in order to reduce the redness and blushing caused by the expanded blood vessels, dermatologists may prescriebe a wide range of methods such as anti-inflamatory medication, electrosurgery (an advanced tehnique which diminish the visible blood vessels), intense light and laser therapy, vascular lasers, procedures which may take more than one treatment. Another procedure used in removing the thicknened tissue which usually occurs on the nose is Rhinophyma. Moreover, physicians may use other precedures, such as dermabrasion, electrosurgery, laser surgery in order to sculpt areas to a natural aspect.

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