Alternative Treatments for Rosacea

All Natural Rosacea Treatment

What is rosacea? The truth is that not much is known about rosacea. Doctors used to assume that it was closely tied to acne but new investigations have shown it to be a syndrome that varies according to each particular patient. As a whole, most patients live with flushing and inflammatory papules and pustules. There are no dangerous health risks associated with rosacea symptoms but they can arouse significant psychosocial impairment.

Currently, there is no unequivocal rosacea cause or rosacea cure. Rosacea skin care products can only regulate the condition. Estimates believe that between 12 to 15 million Americans live everyday with the symptoms of rosacea. The stigma of rosacea leads to low self-esteem, stress on the job, and social isolation.
Since there is no cure for rosacea, the primary goal of all rosacea treatments should be to improve the the everyday life of rosacea sufferers. Luckily, advancements in the treatments for rosacea are making it possible to more accurately tune treatment to address the individual needs of each patient, leading to improved outcomes.

Rosacea Treatment

Many new therapies have recently been established for treatment of rosacea. Azelaic acid is a comparatively new rosacea treatment drug that can also be used to cure mild acne as well. The principle aspect of it is that it helps by halting the development of skin bacteria that causes acne, rosacea and other skin problems. Keeping skin pores unhindered is a very important way to avoid acne and rosacea inflammation.
The negative side is that being a more modern rosacea skin care treatment, there have not been in depth studies studying the possible side effects later on down the road. It is possible someone could have stinging, scaling, and eczema after regular usage.

Metronidazole is a chemical compound drug used mainly in the treatment of inflammations caused by bacteria, fungi, and parasites. It is prescribed in pill form and maintains pores open, similar to azelaic acid. Regular adverse reactions associated with metronidazole therapy include upset stomach, dizziness, and vomiting. One needs to be careful when taking this powerful drug since the International Agency for Research on Cancer has named it as a possible human carcinogen.

Natural Rosacea Treatment

Since you can not fully treat rosacea to the point where it will never return, controlling it becomes important. Thanks to a new all natural ingredient, you can biologically contol rosacea redness. The natural rosacea treatment can kill skin bacteria like the other chemical compounds without all the adverse side effects and make sure you feel comfortable with your own complexion.

When the rosacea treatment is applied to fresh, clean skin for a period of at least two months, the cream will fuse with you own skin cells and:
* destroy bacteria and microbes on the skin with innate antimicrobial peptides to fight fungi and microbes breeding on the skin. Having bacteria free skin lowers the odds of breakouts since bacteria growth on the skin is one of the main reasons rosacea develops on the skin.
* manage the inflammatory response of the body, abating the reddish hue of rosacea papules and pustules. Rosacea inflammation can be due directly to extreme inflammatory responses from the body that kill healthy skin cells.
* digests scar tissue and promotes the reconstruction of collagen and elastin levels in the skin.
* the biological enzymes repair, renew, and restore the luster of skin naturally.

By: Samira Al-Romaithi

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Increased rubbing just provokes the issue turning it into a never ending cycle of cleaning and new breakouts. 100% Natural Rosacea treatment product need to concentrate on medicating from the inside. We invite you to go to our highly informative rosacea website and read more about how our all natural rosacea cream can help the treatments of rosacea and keep your skin flawless.


Metronidazole is used to treat infections such as abdominal infections, skin and tissue infections, bone and joint infections, gynecologic infections, and respiratory tract infections.

Metronidazole Uses

Explains the medication metronidazole (Flagyl) an antibiotic drug used against anaerobic bacterteria and certain parasites like giardia and ameba that can infect parts of the human body. Article includes descriptions, uses.


What is metronidazole? Metronidazole is an antibiotic. It fights bacteria in your body. Metronidazole is used to treat infections such as abdominal infections, skin and tissue infections, bone and joint infections.

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